News from International Rainy-Lake of the Woods Watershed Board

The water levels on Rainy Lake and the Namakan Chain of Lakes have been controlled by dams for more than 100 years and, since 1949, according to formal rules established jointly by Canada and the U.S. through the International Joint Commission (IJC).  While the dam and the “rule curves” are very familiar to people in the watershed, the way the water flows in the system, the geography and impact of the dam on water levels is often less understood.  As part of the Rule Curve Review done by the IJC in 2017 to assess the effectiveness of the 2000 rule curves, a series of videos were developed to explain the complexities of flow in the system.  The first video explains Rainy Lake and Rainy River outflows; the second video focuses on the role the dam plays in Rainy Lake water levels; and, the third illustrates how to use an interactive tool that is available to anyone interested in seeing how lake levels, dam operation and outflow are related. 

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Monday, August 31, 2020